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Hello from Italy

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Hello from Italy

Beitrag von FranzFkk23 » So 10. Okt 2021, 06:38

Hi everyone, I'm 25 years old and i come from northern Italy (near Milan). I've been traveling with my girlfriend and tried naturist campings, beaches and thermes all over Europe

I'm planning to start traveling again in these months, especially in Germany where the sauna culture is the best in the world. Hope to see you around the forum, and maybe to meet with some of you at the theme if there is the chance :D

Sorry for my English! If it's a problem i can use a translator and write in German here in the forum...

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Re: Hello from Italy

Beitrag von Nordmensch » Mo 11. Okt 2021, 16:31

Ciao Franz,

welcome to Germany then.
Erding is a must, but here a lot of thermal springs here from south to north - I heard about 240 !
In "Ostseetherme" Scharbeutz you can have a bath in the Baltic Sea after Sauna.

Some tips here: https://www.thermencheck.com/thermen/deutschland-12/

Please keep in mind there are some (3G) rules around Corona COVID-19.
recovered, vaccinated or tested
From today on, tests in Germany have to be payed.

Some informations also here:

Have a nice time!


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